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It all starts from the generation of your mascot concept. At the initial concept consultation, we will listen to understand your company, brand, culture and objectives. It is a dynamic discussion between us - to find something we both love!

With the goals and concept, our digital artists will generate professional design options for you and your team to choose and comment. Once selected, we will translate it into precise technical drawings for you to see your end product and understand the functions.





Our mascot builders will begin by building the internal structure using the finest materials. Once the skeleton built up is approved by our designer and you, its skin will be added followed by all the details. This process differentiates a high quality mascot from a quick and cheap buy. Here is a photo comparison when the mascot is not built by experienced mascot makers. Can you spot the difference?





Answers: Facial Features, Hairstyle & Built of Body

We don’t say ‘Goodbye’ when the mascot is delivered. We will be there to do a demo as well as explain important practices to prolong your mascot’s lifespan. And, we will always be on standby to offer a suite of grooming services.





Is the design outdated? Have the colours faded? Or is the body structure damaged? It could be a mascot produced by us or it could your very own existing mascot, bring it to us to have it redesigned, duplicated or improved on.

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Establish the mood at a party by dressing up your mascot according to the festivity and celebrations. Hit us up to customize outfits and props.

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Want to create a longer lasting impression through a campaign? Let your spectators buy and bring home a replica of your mascot. Add a brand touch point with a customized plushie.

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Want a clean and fresh look before your next mascot appearance? We handle mascots of any size, shape and material. Minor touch-ups are inclusive too!




Want to exhibit your mascot when it is not being activated? Build a sturdy stand that is easy to assemble, dismantle and transport. Consult us for a professional display solution to maximize the visibility of your brand.

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Have more than one mascot for your campaign? No conducive storage for your brand mascot? At our premise, mascots are stored in a mascot friendly facility. Additionally, our team will ensure that every mascot part is accounted for before and after each mascot activation.


Have more questions? Reach out to us.