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Monetize your Mascot (Case Study – Otah & Friends)

Updated: May 17, 2021

Often, the next question that comes along after investing a bunch of resources into creating a brand mascot is – how do we make some money?

We loved how our client has done it and we are sharing our takeaways with you.

Organize Ticketed Mascot Appearances

Their team organized Singapore's first-ever Otter escapade with a refreshingly playful twist on our favourite childhood game of hide-and-seek at Gardens by the Bay. The experience is filled with activities and sets carefully designed as a perfect outing for young families and even couples.

As the Escapade came to a close, Otah, is now invited to do pop-up appearances at family-oriented venues like Safra Punggol. It has successfully achieved a celebrity status with a defined target audience. You can accept the invites and let your mascot go on tours too. You may choose to go one step further to find a suitable Mascot Sponsorship like sport celebrities even. Explore the endless cross-branding marketing opportunities with your mascot.

Sell a Mini-me of your Mascot

With all the setup done so fabulously, many children fell in love with Otah even before the end of the Escapade. By simply putting plushies of Otah up for sale at the end of the route, it created an opportunity to bring home the joy and memories that the guests have experienced. We see this setup in Disneyland and Universal Studios because – it works! People are more willing to spend when they are riding on an emotional high. Be creative and explore how you can expand your mascot’s merchandise offerings. Craft it carefully to convert more merchandise sales.

Let your Mascot go Digital

This is the new must-have for any Mascot today. Whether it is doing TikTok challenges with your mascot or creating stickers of your Mascot. Your mascot has got to be on the socials of your target audience for them to live, laugh and love. Embrace this new norm to let your mascot engage your audience and strengthen your brand. Try designing digital campaigns to obtain leads and convert. Begin rethinking your sales funnel to involve your mascot?

If you'd like to do more research, here are a few notable brands to start off with;

  • M&M’s

  • Line Friends

  • Hello Kitty

Enjoy! Speak to us if you’d like to bounce off some ideas.

All photo & video were retrieved from Otah And Friends Facebook & TikTok page.

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