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What to know before I buy a Mascot?

Feeling a little anxious about your first mascot purchase? It is perfectly normal. Let us help you calm your nerves by sharing some possible mascot nightmares.

Mascots Do Fail.

You know it when people cannot remember your mascot – No Brand Identity. When people are walking past your mascot without any reaction – No Engagement. And, when people are not talking or posting about your mascot altogether – No Exposure.

Here is once example I found Googling. I have no recollection of them even though I watched the 2012 London Olympics. Do you know Wenlock and Mandeville?

Photo credits

Famous mascots have simple and relatable names like Ted (Bear), Rich Uncle PennyBags (Monopoly) or Ronald MacDonald. Just like a parent naming a child – it is a big responsibility. It determines the mascot’s character as well as how people view and interact with it. We suggest that you carefully select a catchy name that aligns with your brand’s identity. Especially with humankind’s deteriorating ability to remember anything and everything. Please, avoid confusing names.

Photo credits from our client, Genting Cruise

For Wenlock and Mandeville, despite extensive efforts to craft their story, the masses were not able to accept and connect with them. Conceptually, they are from the last two drops of British steel used for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, it gave them a shiny exterior to reflect people, places and things as they travel around the UK. Instead, comments such as “they look like a leftover from a kids television show” are the type of comments you’ll find on the Internet. In its most basic form, a mascot needs to be relatable to the masses to achieve any kind of engagement. We recommend that you prioritize your mascot’s story as much as its physical design.

If you find yourself in a position where you simply cannot decide on a design and story… How about organizing a ‘Design our Brand Mascot’ contest? And, ensure that the bulk of the voters are your relevant audience too. If your target audience had a say in its creation, it is more likely that more care and attention will be dedicated to your mascot when they go live.

Photo credits from our client, German European Singapore School (GESS) Facebook Page

Specifically, GESS conducted a school wide poll for an animal that best represented their school’s values. Once the Lynx cat was chosen as the animal with suitable characteristics, our mascot designer worked alongside GESS to design their mascot’s look. Being heard is something special and that could essentially make your mascot special too. Actively take steps to mitigate the risk of having a mascot with no exposure.

Ultimately, having a brand mascot to boost your brand is an exciting first step! Keep it real and fun, that way your audience will be able to feel it too! We hope building your very own mascot would be an awe-inspiring experience for you.

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