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Our Dream

Each day, we dream about Innovating the Experience! From the construction of the initial concept and designs, adding more technological aspects to the final delivery of our creation – we wish that every stage is awe-inspiring for both our clients and our team. The Dream is to lead projects that capture people’s hearts, minds and emotions.

Meet Puffy!

Hello there! My name is Puffy, lovely seeing you here!


I’m a speech bubble. My job is to spark ideas and bounce off ideas with my team. 80% of me is made out of air and that makes me really bouncy and oh-so-huggable. It also means that I travel light and my team loves bringing me around to join conventions around the world. Sometimes when I’m feeling cheeky, I’ll introduce myself as the sun and proudly announce that I’m from Sunny Singapore! Gotta bounce, see you around! 

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Meet the Team


Holla Swag Sanee whenever you’re in need of a swaggy idea and he’ll steer you in the right direction.


Noteworthy Noor is always around to make it happen in the
production plant. 


Meet Kvell Kadence who is happy and proud of the characters she builds and designs.

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Bounce ideas with Happy Hasyna to begin planning your mascot campaigns and applications.


Buzz Kooky Kathy and she’ll be sure to feed you with a million and one suggestions for your project. 


Jazzy Jasmine will be there for you to manage all your project needs.

If Innovation &  Fun is your thing...

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